Nederland City Clerk

Joni Underwood(409) 723-1505
Fax: (409) 723-1550
The City Clerk is responsible for giving notice of City Council meetings, attending City Council meeting and keeping Accurate minutes of the proceedings, engrossing and enrolling all laws, ordinances and resolutions of the City Council.

In accordance with the City Charter, the City Council appoints the City Clerk, who shall give notice of its meetings, keep the journal and minute book of its proceedings, authenticate by their signature and record in full, in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions, and perform such other duties as shall be required by the charter or by ordinance.  The objective of the office is to guarantee the legality and accuracy of official city documents and to provide for their safe keeping.

As the Records Management Officer, the City Clerk is the custodian of all official records of the City and administers the City's records management program. The City Clerk has custodial authority for all City records and provides support to all departments in records management procedures. All requests for public information are received by the City Clerk. The City Clerk is the keeper of the official City Seal, affixing it to all instruments requiring such seal.  The City Clerk serves as the Elections Administrator for all City elections and is responsible for the preparation and publication of all official notices and orders, preparation for election officials and polling place, and the receipt and filing of all candidate forms and reports. The City Clerk also serves as the Early Voting Clerk. The City Clerk also serves as the Local Registrar for registering all births and deaths that occur in Nederland. Certified copies of all vital records are issued through the City Clerk's office.  The issuance of occupational licenses is handled in the City Clerk's office. These include liquor licenses, tax cab driver permits, and solicitor's permits. The office also receives and secures sealed bids, records all deeds, liens, easements, etc., and processes all notices for publication.