City of Nederland Council

Council Overview
The City Council is the legislative and governing body of the City of Nederland, Texas. The City Council is composed of the Mayor and 4 Council members.

The members of the City Council are elected from the City of Nederland, Texas by an at-large election for three-year terms; the City election is held during the month of May. City Council members, excluding the Mayor, hold ward numbers 1 through 4.  The Council members from Wards 1 and 3 shall be elected during odd years; the Council members from Wards 2 and 4, and the Mayor, shall be elected during even years.  To serve on the City Council, one must be a citizen of the United States of America, be a qualified elector of the State of Texas, and have resided for at least one year preceding the next election within the corporate limits of the City.

City Council meetings are generally held every second and fourth Monday of the month at 4:30 p.m. at the City Hall Council Chambers at 1400 Boston Avenue.  Each April, the Council adopts the regular meeting schedule for the next twelve months via Ordinance.  The City Council may call a special meeting as it deems necessary, which will be posted to the public in the same manner as a regular meeting.  All meetings of the City Council shall comply with the provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The City Council has power to determine all matters of policy for the city, as well as the power to:
  • Appoint the City Attorney, City Judge, Chief of Police, City Clerk and Director of Finance;
  • Appoint or remove the City Manager;
  • Adopt the budget of the City and disburse municipal funds;
  • Authorize by ordinance the issuance of bonds, assignments of revenue or warrants;
  • Appoint the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning and Zoning Commission and all other boards and commissions serving the City;
  • Adopt and modify the official map of the City;
  • Approve plats;
  • Open, widen, extend or straighten public streets, thoroughfares and alleys;
  • Define and prohibit nuisances within the City and 5,000 feet beyond;
  • Provide, by ordinance, for the exercise of the police powers of the City;
  • Prevent the construction and use of housing below standards fixed by the City Council;
  • Adopt, modify and carry out plans proposed by the Planning and Zoning Commission for the replanning, improvement and redevelopment of neighbor-hoods;
  • Provide for an independent audit;
  • Pass all ordinances deemed by it to be necessary or proper for the government of the City;
  • License, regulate or prohibit the erection of signs and billboards;
  • Require the installation of sewer lines, laterals and sewer facilities on private property and to fix a lien on the property if the owner fails to comply with the order of the City Council and the labor and materials are thereafter furnished by the City;
  • Compromise and settle any and all claims and lawsuits of every kind and character in favor of or against the City of Nederland;
Neither the City Council nor any of its members shall direct the hiring of any person. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the City Council and its members deal with the administrative services of the City solely through the City Manager.
Mayor Pro-Tem
The members of the City Council are elected from the City of Nederland, Texas by an at-large election. The City Council, at its first meeting after an election, will elect one of its members Mayor Pro-Tem. The Mayor Pro-Tem will perform all mayoral duties in the absence or disability of the Mayor.