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Physical Address:
City of Nederland
515 Hardy
Nederland, TX 77627
Mailing Address:
City of Nederland
P.O. Box 967
Nederland, TX 77627
Telephone: 409.723.1541
Facsimile: 409.727.1709
Streets and the Street Sales Tax – FAQs
What is a streets sales tax?
State legislation allows municipalities to collect a quarter-cent sales and use tax exclusively for the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing public streets.  The legislation requires voter approval every four years.
What is the purpose of the streets sales tax?
To provide timely and cost effective rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of existing public streets within the city limits of Nederland.  The goal is to improve mobility and maintenance roadways to prevent deterioration and costly rebuilds.
How long has Nederland been collecting the street sales tax?
Nederland voters went to the polls in November 2007, May 2011, May 2015, and May 2019 and approved the street sales tax for street maintenance as a new funding source for ongoing street repair and maintenance. Prior to this election, street repair and maintenance was funded solely through General Fund revenue, which decreased dramatically following the loss of Wal-Mart.
How many public streets does Nederland have?
Nederland has approximately 184 lane miles of streets and roadways.
How does the City determine what streets will be maintained or repaired first?
Streets Department staff constantly evaluates the condition of City streets. After staff prepares their recommendation, a workshop is held with the City Council to finalize the streets program; this meeting is posted to the public to allow public participation.