Residential Drainage Improvements Policies & Procedures

The City of Nederland Public Works Department will assist property owners by providing all labor and equipment to set culverts for property access after the following guidelines are met:
  • The property owner must pick up an information packet at the Public Works Warehouse Office, located at 515 Hardy Avenue, between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. Monday thru Friday and provide the City with the following information:
  • Name and phone number of the property owner
  • Address where access is being requested
  • A diagram of your property indicating location of the access
  • Property owners are also responsible for clearly marking with stakes the location culverts are to be set.

A maximum of twenty-five (25) feet of culvert will be installed for property access only (driveways)

After the above information has been received, it will be reviewed by the Public Works Director, Street Supervisor & Water/Wastewater Supervisor.

You will be contacted after all locates are completed with information regarding the size of culverts that should be purchased. Please do not purchase and have any culverts delivered to your property until you are contacted by the City in the event that there are utility or pipeline conflicts within the proposed location of the access.

If there is a conflict or clearance issue with any transportation pipeline: a pipeline containing flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas, a hazardous liquid, or carbon dioxide that is located partially or totally underground, the owner will be required to hire a contractor to set the culverts for the City approved access. The contractor will be required to obtain their own locates for the project, meet with the pipeline owner to discuss and resolve the conflict, then meet with the Public Works Director for approval before any work is to begin.

Cost associated with relocation of utilities or pipelines will be the responsibility of the property owner.

All culverts installed in the City of Nederland must be concrete.
After the culverts have been delivered to your property, contact the Public Works Department at 723-1541 and a work order will be generated to install the culverts.

After the work order has been generated, the City will set the culverts as our work load permits. If you desire to have your culverts installed any sooner than indicated, it will be your responsibility to hire a contractor and it will be done at the property owner’s expense. However, the culverts must be set to City of Nederland specifications and must be inspected by the City before being covered.

From time to time the City can provide extra fill material from our ditching operations if desired. Because ditching is not a continuous operation, the timeliness or quantity of this material cannot be guaranteed. It will be the primary responsibility of the property owner to obtain and spread the material.

Bridge Driveways on City Right-of-Way
A bridge driveway is defined as a driveway that does not include culvert pipe for the conveyance of water runoff.

Should it become necessary to replace a bridge driveway located on City right-of-way due to damage to the structure and/or because of a City initiated drainage project, the City will furnish the necessary amount of culvert pipe for the existing width of the driveway and will replace the concrete surface removed by the City with an all-weather surface such as limestone base or 610 base. The City retains sole discretion as to the replacement of bridge driveways. Any bridge driveway removed by the City that requires replacement, may be replaced with a new structure of the same width. Replacement of all concrete shall be the responsibility of the property owner. The City will, however, reimburse the property owner for a portion of this replacement cost based upon the following: $10 per foot based upon the width of the replaced driveway in an amount not to exceed $200 (20 feet). In order to obtain reimbursement, the property owner shall submit a copy of a paid invoice for work performed on the replacement driveway to the City Secretary. City personnel shall then verify that work has been completed on the replacement driveway.

Download Culvert Installation Application