Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping
To report illegal dumping please call Code Enforcement at (409) 723-1594.

Why Dumping is Bad for the Environment?
Hazardous waste can cause environmental problems, and Illegal dump sites can ruin the aesthetic beauty of an area and significantly decrease adjacent property values. A dump may be an inexpensive means of disposing of waste, but it could end up costing the property owner significantly when the owner tries to sell the property.
What Can You Do To Stop Illegal Dumping?
If you witness illegal dumping, then get detailed descriptions and report them to a local law enforcement agency. NOTE: Never approach or confront anyone suspected of illegal activity, including illegal dumping. DO NOT put your own safety in danger. Useful information when making the report includes:
  • License plate number and description of the vehicle (make, model, year, condition of the vehicle, color, etc.)
  • Number of people involved with descriptions (gender, hair color, build, approximate age)
  • Date/time of the incident
  • Location and/or directions to the illegal dump site
  • Ownership of the illegal dump site, whether public or private
  • Your name and phone number