Spay & Neuter Program

Effective Date:  January 30, 2023

The City of Nederland believes that the management of the Nederland animal population is vital to the public health. Therefore, the spay and neuter program will permit Nederland residents to have their pets (dogs and cats) spayed and neutered for free or at reduced cost. All medical procedures are performed by qualified a doctor of veterinary medicine chosen by the City of Nederland.

The spay and neuter program is offered to Nederland citizens who meet the income eligibility requirements. Income eligibility will be based on a sliding scale and on the number of individuals in the household which is the state’s definition of low-income levels.

Recommended fees:

 0 - 30% of poverty  = No cost
 31 - 50% of poverty  = $10
 51 – 80% of poverty  = $20
 81% of poverty and above  = $40
 $100,000 or above income  = Ineligible


 Household Size

 Extremely Low Income (0-30%)

 Very Low Income (31-50%) 

 Low Income (51-80%)

 1 Person




 2 Persons

$17,700 $29,450 $47,150

 3 Persons




 4 Persons


$36,800 $58,900

 5 Persons

$23,900 $39,750 $63,650

 6 Persons

$25,650 $42,700 $68,350

 7 Persons

$27,450 $45,650 $73,050

 8 Persons

$29,200 $48,600 $77,750

This program is for residents of the City of Nederland ONLY. Residency will be verified by a resident presenting their State of Texas driver’s license or state-issued identification AND a utility bill with a current address.

The City Manager shall make the final decision regarding any appeals of eligibility (whether income-related or residency) in this program. Residents must appeal staff’s decision in writing to the City Manager.

Anyone interested in this public service should contact the Nederland Animal Shelter at (409) 723-1541. Participation in this program is “first come, first served.” Once the amount of funds allocated for this program are depleted, the program will be placed on hold until October 1, 2017 or if possible, when additional funds are allocated. A meeting will be scheduled with the animal/pet owner to verify eligibility; financial eligibility will be determined through W-2’s, self-certification, or other prescribed method. There is a strict limit of three animals per household per year (October 1st– September 30th). Once eligibility is verified and a hold harmless agreement is executed between the animal/pet owner and the City of Nederland, an appointment will be scheduled with the participating veterinarian office for the procedure. Annually, the City shall coordinate with local veterinarians for participation in this program; only the costs for spay and neuter procedures at a veterinarian’s office participating in this program shall be eligible for reimbursement. When arriving for your appointed procedure, all dogs and cats should be restrained by a leash or in a carrier.

Current rabies vaccination is required for all dogs and cats. If your animal has been vaccinated against rabies, a valid vaccination certificate must be provided to the City Animal Control Officer to verify eligibility in this program. Unvaccinated animals and animals without proof of current rabies vaccination will be vaccinated against rabies at the animal/pet owner’s cost when the spay and neuter procedure is done. The animal/pet owner shall pay the fee prescribed by the veterinarian. Other vaccinations are not required by law but are strongly recommended.

Payment must be made when services are rendered. The veterinary office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash.