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City of Nederland Don Albanese, Mayor
Billy Neal, Mayor Pro Tem
Talmadge Austin, Councilmember
Emmett Hollier, Councilmember
Sylvia Root, Councilmember
Christopher Duque, City Manager

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Billing Information

Zone Information/Bill Due Dates
  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Account Numbers* 01 Thru 06 07 Thru 12 13 Thru 18 19 Thru 24
Billing Date 1st Tuesday of each month. 2nd Tuesday of each month. 3rd Tuesday of each month. 4th Tuesday of each month.
Due Date 3rd Wednesday of that month. 4th Wednesday of that month. 1st Wednesday of the next month. 2nd Wednesday of the next month.

* Please note that the numbers indicated denote the first two numbers of your account number.

For your convenience, we accept payments in the form of:
Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Bank Drafts

Utility bills are due 15 days after they are issued. If payment is not received by the 16th day, a 10% penalty shall be assessed. If an account becomes two months past due, a disconnection notice is mailed to the customer as a final reminder. The total amount due must be paid before the disconnection notice due date to avoid interruption of service.

Water Rates
  Inside City Outside City
First 2,000 gallons (minimum) $10.00 $14.55
Each additional 1,000 gallons (up to 50,000 gallons) $2.85 $4.60
Each additional 1,000 gallons (above 50,000 gallons) $2.86 $4.61
Water Line Maintenance-per 1,000 gallons (above minimum) $0.34 $0.34

Sewer Rates
  Inside City Outside City
First 2,000 gallons (minimum) $10.65 $16.45
Each additional 1,000 gallons (up to 50,000 gallons) $4.60 $6.05
Each additional 1,000 gallons (over 50,000 gallons) $4.81 $6.26
Sewer Line Maintenance-per 1,000 gallons (above minimum) $0.34 $0.34

Garbage Rates
Inside City Rates (per month) $19.75*
Additional Container (Residential) $8.65*
Additional Container (Commercial) $10.00*
*Plus Sales Tax required by state law  

Trash Removal Rates

Trash blocking drainage - a service fee of $50.00 - $200.00 will be charged to the owner of the property when it becomes necessary to clear a ditch of trash and/or debris during, before, and/or after a rainstorm to prevent possible flooding. The fee shall be based upon the amount of work performed by the City. The City shall document the work and add the service fee on the customer's next bill; the next month bill will be the customer's notice.

Miscellaneous trash and/or debris, defined as green waste and/or any other bulky items not able to be placed into the standard City garbage container, from empty (undeveloped or vacant) property must be hauled off by the owner or developer at their expense. Violations of said policy will be forwarded to the City's Code Enforcement Department for compliance. The City shall not reconnect services until said violation has been resolved by the Code Enforcement Officer and/or Municipal Court.

The City will provide collection of trash to residential and commercial customers receiving garbage service twice per month. The amount of trash removed shall be limited to four (4) cubic yards per collection. Trash piles greater than the prescribed 4 cubic yards must be removed from the property within ten (10) calendar days or violations may be forwarded to the City's Code Enforcement Department for compliance. If the City's Code Enforcement Officer tags the pile in violation, the City solid waste service shall not pickup that trash. The CITY shall not provide this service to vacant properties or those properties without an active account. Green waste and trash will not be removed if it is co-mingled.

Should an owner of property or customer within the City request the removal of trash, the City may do so at a cost equivalent to the actual costs of personnel, equipment, and disposal fees but . no less than $20.00 per cubic yard per collection for quantities greater than four cubic yards. Payment must be made to the City prior to the trash being collected. The amount of trash to be collected shall not exceed four (4) cubic yards at any one time. Such service shall be provided at the discretion of the City dependent upon such factors including, but not limited to, existing work load, and scheduling. This provision shall not apply to the accumulation of trash due to work performed by contractors and/or individuals/companies hired by the property owners. The placement of the trash in quantities greater than four cubic yards shall constitute the owner or customer's request for said service and acceptance of prescribed fees.

A copy of The City's Utility Ordinance.

You may need Adobe Acrobat for the file above which you can download for free here.

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