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Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The meeting was held March 28, 2006 at the City of Nederland D. Bob Henson Office Building, 1903 Atlanta Avenue, Nederland, Texas and was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairman Guy Barlow.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Guy Barlow, Barney Green, Mickey Fenn, and Bill Cummins
MEMBERS ABSENT: Kenneth Whigham
CITY STAFF PRESENT: Rod Hatch, Chief Building Official and Beth Merren, Inspections Department Secretary
OTHERS PRESENT: Travis Stewart, Brett Thomas, Kent Wilson, Marsha Wilson, Juan Garza and Nicole Garza


A motion was made by Bill Cummins and seconded by Barney Green to approve the minutes of the February 2, 2006 meeting. All voted aye.


Travis Stewart, owner of the property located at 332 Avenue F, described as Lot 6, Block 6, Songwood Addition, requested a variance to the side yard requirement. A carport and storage building were built without a permit, encroaching 5' into the 5' side yard requirement. A neighbor has complained about a drainage problem. After a full discussion a motion was made by Guy Barlow and seconded by Barney Green to deny the request and give 30 days to remove the carport and storage building. All voted aye.

Ross Ewart, owner of the property located at 107 S. 2 1/2 Street, described as Lot 2, Block 2, Anderson Estates, requested a variance to encroach 5' into the front and side yard requirements to rebuild his carport. Mr. Ewart did not appear for the meeting and the board took no action. Reapplication will be necessary in order to obtain a ruling from the board.

Juan and Nicole Garza, owners of the property located at 2024 Avenue E, described as Lot 13, Part of Lot 14, Block 13, Hillcrest 1st Addition, had taken out a permit to build a porch in the front and side of their house. The original drawing showed the design of the porch to be 5' from the side fence, which the owner assumed to be the property line. The present Zoning Ordinance requires the building setback on a corner property to be 10 feet. The Garzas were requesting a variance to build 5' into the side setback. When the City crews located the property pin, it was discovered that the fence was actually 5' into the S. 21st Street right-of-way, and the side porch was being built 1' over the property line. After a full discussion a motion was made by Mickey Fenn and seconded by Bill Cummins to deny the variance request as written. All voted aye.


No report


There being no other business a motion was made by Mickey Fenn and seconded by Barney Green to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 p.m. MOTION CARRIED.

END Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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