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Volunteer Fire Department

The Nederland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is an organization of the City of Nederland. The NVFD, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Texas Corporation. The NVFD is allotted 17 firefighters and the members of the organization supplement career firefighters in fire safety education and fire suppression.

America's volunteer fire service was founded over 200 years ago and volunteer firefighters are still the backbone of the United States fire service. Volunteer firefighters save taxpayers of this community thousands of dollars each year.

Today's society has put many pressures on the volunteer fire service. Recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters has become a significant problem all across the United States. Today's economy has caused many families to have both spouses working full time jobs just to make ends meet. Time is the "enemy" of today's volunteer firefighter. With State mandated training, many family responsibilities, and job commitments, qualified people just cannot seem to find the time to volunteer.

We have started a unique Recruitment & Retention Program for our volunteers. Members are paid $10.00 for each incident up to two hours and $20.00 flat for any incident over two hours. They are also paid $5.00 for a weekly two hour training session which leads to a Basic Volunteer Firefighter Certification. Certified volunteers are paid $12.00 for each incident up to two hours and $24.00 flat for any incident lasting over two hours.

We are always recruiting new volunteers to become part of the organization. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, please contact Chief Terry Morton at (409) 723-1531.

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